Beocreate output suspends on gaps in sound


I have a weird problem with my Beocreate board (beta version).

Recently I've added a passive subwoofer to the 60W channels with satellites connected to the 30W channels. I programmed the DSP to do crossovers so the system sounds good. 

Now when music is played with little pockets of silence within (as intended part of the track), the amp is suspended and gets reactivated with some delay only after the music goes on.  As if an aggressive power saving settings is in place.

This is usually visible on the board as the one green light signalling idleness turns on and off for a fragment of a second.  

It appears to be a problem of the board itself or its DSP profile, as it shows the same behaviour when getting the input from the optical input (w/o RaspberryPi on top).

Has anyone experienced something similar? 

Thanks for any hints!


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