Input on how to connect DIGI+ with other DAC?


I'm considering buying a RPi3 and a DIGI+ Pro. I have "a vision" of how I'd ideally have things at home setup, but since I'm new to RPi I'm not sure if it will be possible, thus before spending money and time on this, I hoped maybe someone who got experience with RPI3 and the DIGI+ Pro can shed some light on the matter.

At home I have a Primare i22 integrated amplifier w/ DAC board (inputs: TOSLINK, RCA, USB) that I use both for my TV and for a turntable. On the DAC board the TOSLINK is in use by TV, so optical output on TV is connected to optical input on i22 DAC. 

All i all, I just want to be able to stream music without having to power on the TV - but since the RPi also supports video stream I'd like to be able to utilize that.

Would the following be possible:

1) RPi HDMI output connected to TV; any video stream from RPi is displayed on TV, and any audio stream that also goes on the HDMI cable will be piped through TV to i22 DAC board (as it is today if I e.g. connect my laptop to my TV wth a HDMI cable). This is for when I e.g. want to watch a movie/youtube/whatever but still have the sound on my stereo.

2) RPi w/ DIGI+ Pro connected to i22 DAC RCA input, any audio-only stream is sent through Digi+ Pro RCA output to i22 DAC RCA input and thus allows me to stream music from phone/network storage/etc without needing the TV to be powered on.

Basically it probably boils down to; is it possible to configure the RPi w/ DIGI+ Pro such that if no "external monitor" is detected (aka TV is powered off), any audio is output through RCA output on DIGI+ Pro board directly to the i22 DAC, but if external monitor is detected (aka TV is powered on), audio is piped through RPi HDMI to TV. 

One possibility is of course to pipe all audio through DIGI+ Pro RCA no matter the use case, but then I wonder if there will be time mismatch on video and audio when watching video? Or am I exaggerating here? If no problem, then this will of course be the simplest solution. 

Thanks in advance!


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