Hifiberry amp 2 with Geekworm ups hat


I am currently working on building my own bluetooth car radio. I use the Pi 3B and the hifiberry amp2 and the official raspi display.

Display with amp2 works fine. Same with Display and ups hat.

The only thing that I currently can't really work out is if i can add a UPS hat to the system since i don't want the pi to be brutally shut down (corrupting the SD card is one of my concerns).

I do have the geekworm ups hat which works fine but what i want to know is if I can stack the ups onto the pi and the amp2 onto the UPS. And I'm kinda scared to just stack the hats onto each other since i'm worried about damaging components.

If stacking does not work would it be possible to modify this setup so that the amp2 supplies the UPS with power and the UPS supplies the pi?



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