Using AMP+ for car audio

I want to make my own head unit with a camera display, volume controls, track controls, etc written in Java. I've done most of the GUI coding and have volume controls for the pi working as per https://www.dronkert.net/rpi/vol.html .

I have two primary questions: first, will that work for the volume controls for the Hifiberry AMP+?

Second, I keep seeing references to included Bluetooth software but can't find anything on your site. Are you providing Bluetooth software that will route my phone's audio output through the AMP+? Does this software allow pause/play and track controls? Any link to documentation that would let me implement the pause/play and track controls with my Java GUI?

Link to my GUI code: https://goo.gl/D7h447 (the buttons in the LowerPanel are placeholders, as is the listener)


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