Bluetooth and Spotifysetup Problems


since one week i try to upcycle my Elac AM 150 pair as  two  2-way-stereo-speakerpair with the Beocreate... 

i followed a few times your instructions to install the Software by using Pibakery with your Image on two different Raspis, 

(The first Raspi didnt get the beocreate as Default soundcard anymore.. so i tried another Raspi - both are Raspi 3 Model B- and on the second im back on the startingpoint now... ) 

but both of them didnt Play any Bluetooth source, even if there is a signaltone coming from the Speaker after connecting my phone to the raspi via Bluetooth.

next Problem is: B&O installer dont install the Spotify connect source ... its just hanging on with a loadingscreen for hours but nothing happens 

I was checking all the other Posts on this Communitypage... but it all doesnt help.

I want to use all kind of sources but until now i just got tone out of shairport sources on my first raspi until it has the Problem that the beocreate was no defaultcard anymore after a random reboot (on the second it doesnt but i got the beocreate as Default soundcard again.. so i go on with using the second raspi..) or tos-link sources.. so please help


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