HiFiBerry Digi+ on Raspberry Pi 1


it happened, that I have an older Raspberry Pi 1 and a HiFiBerry Digi+ board and i wanted to re-use them to make a Volume Music Player.

The issue is: HiFiBerry Digi+ is designed for the 40pin header and Raspberry Pi 1 has the 26pin header and the unpopulated P5 header.

Although, if I populate the P5 header on the Rai 1 and connect the right pins it should work. Can you help me out a little bit here ?

I am not even sure about the right pinout on the HiFiBerry Digi+. So far I found the  HiFiBerry documentation page which states:

GPIO2-3 (pins 3 and 5) are used by our products for configuration. If you are experienced with I2C, you might add other slave devices. If you a a novice, we don’t recommend this at all.
GPIOs 18-21 (pins 12, 35, 38 and 40) are used for the sound interface. 

Are those all of the necessary Pins to connect? (GPIO 2,3, 12, 35, 38, 40) or do I need to connect GND, 5V and 3,3V as well ?

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