Digi Plus with Touchscreen GP10 issues


First off, apologies, i am a complete newbie so my queries will seem really basic and reading through a lot of other posts i struggle with what much of the terminology means.

I have a Pi 3, Digi Plus and a waveshare 4" HDMI screen with GP10 for the touchscreen element.


I am building a unit that my kids can use the touch screen for as well as control through a MPD on my phone.

I understand that the GP10 system is not a bus system so that if the Digi Plus uses the same GP10 as the touchscreen then it will not work properly, i am just struggling to understand how to connect both.

For instance, the waveshare says it uses pins 19, 21,22,23 and 26. It also mentions all the grounds, NCs and the 3.5 v and 5V power in the spec. Yet the interface on the back of the board has 26 pins and a mini usb power supply. I am not quite sure what header fits onto it. I assume as those pins do not overlap with those dedicated to the Digi plus it should work ok?

I am poor at soldering, i am not stable with my hand so would struggle to solder extra GP10s onto the Digi Plus to connect to the screen.I would prefer to use an expansion board like this.


I assume this gives no loss of signal?. Also if i connect 40 pins connectors for both the Digi Plus and the screen touch control to this board an expansion board even though some pins are replicated for both the digi and the screen as they dont actual call the same pins it should not result in a problem? Or do i only connect the specific pins that the screen requires with jumper leads?

Lastly what OS would people recommend for running on a small screen? I have a PI ver 1 running Volumio for the last 4 years and the UI doesn't show well on my smart phone. Max2Play looks promising.

Thanks for your help!


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