Beocreate: No output on Ch 0 and Ch 16



I'm facing the following issue with my new BeoCreate board: I got no sound on the outputs 0 and 16 for any DSP setup I try. I can connect to the board thru Sigma Studio, so all of this works fine. To check, whether I got a signal in the DSP program, I added several signal detectors in the shematic and played some radio thru it. All signal detectors input and output show a signal, when I play music, but only the AMP outputs Ch1 and Ch17 (I can hear sound)  are active, although all are getting a signal within the DSP.

So I assume that the amps are broken or is there something I am not aware of?

Currently I run a quite simple setup with a two way crossover adapted from the sample 2 way project you provide for the BeoCreate. Low channesl are the 60W outputs, High channels the other 2.


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