Hifiberry OS Spotifyd drops after some time not used


Installed the latest Hifiberry OS + RP3 and DacDSP. DSP works great, via the command line very convenient to tune  the settings. Sound is good (via optical out tested) 

Run it now on wifi, was a operating unreliable, have the impression, that adding the country code in wpa confidence file helped. Now it has ruined for 7 hours without a issue. 

The major challenge I have seen, is the Spotify service. After reboot, it is quickly up and running and can play for hours with any issue. 

However, when not used (for some time), Spotify is not able to connect again to the Hifiberry. The Daemon is still running. 

In the Spotify.conf file I have added the premium account + password.

The only solutions is a reboot to have it available in Spotify again. There is no difference which spotify application I used (Mac, android, IOS).

I did not yet dare to re-install Spotify, not sure how this could help.

There are several reports, but I did not find a final solution. Would be great, because than the DAC-DSP can become the audio workhorse.

Thanks for your suggestions,




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