LAN / SD Card Input for Beocreate

Hey Guys,

great work setting up Sigma and Raspi to get full access to the audio files.

My aim is to build the simplest configuration to stream data from any kind of Input. I want to use Sigma to influence the soundfiles and the raspi sources (SD/ LAN/ WLAN) to get access to these files.

Here are a few question and I hope that you guys can point me into the right direction.

1. I have done a full setup. Sigma Server is running. I was able to connect via Bluetooth and play some music. After the Download to the ADAU i was able to edit volume settings. So here is the first question: Can i get access to streaming via WLAN/LAN? Maybe i just missed something.

2. I'm searching for the code, where the sound files are taken from the Bluetooth and pinned down to the GPIO's and which sound format you have used there. I guess that you transmit the Data via I2S into the ADAU?

3. Is it possible to play media from the raspi's SD directly?

4. Which components(install skripts) are needed for a basic setup to accomplish my goals. I guess the TCP install skript for Sigma connectivity. But after that I'm back at question 2 and have to fill in music files into the ADAU.


Hope you guys can help me out a bit and sorry for the bad english. If anything isn't clear just ask :)

Best regards




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