How to determine if Digi Pro+ is still working

I recently purchased a RPI B+ and a RPI Digi Pro. I have mounted the Digi Pro to the RPI, attached a USB HDD and installed piCorePlayer using a MicroSD card. I am using the Digi Pro to send FLAC files via SP/DIF interface to an external 24/192 DAC. I am using a Hifiberry 2.5 amp power supply. Everything was working fine for a few weeks until yesterday. It appears that the Digi Pro is no longer functioning i.e no data is being passed through either the SP/DIF or Toslink interfaces. piCorePlayer recognizes the board, but no light is emitting from the Toslink interface so I have concluded that the board may be defective. I have reinstalled everything and cannot get the Digi Pro to work. I have also tested the external DAC, SP/DIF and Toslink cables using a Logitech SB3 and all is working fine. I can only assume that the Digi Pro is dead and needs to be replaced. 
Or is there another diagnostic test I can run to determine the status of the add on Digi Pro board?
Any help and/or advice greatly appreciated.


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