Split PSU for RPI and DAC PRO +...wiring

Hi, I currently have an RPI3 and a DAC PRO+ in HAT configuration (the most common one). The Power Supply comes from the microUSB of the RPI, that transfer it to the DAC through the GPIO.

I've red a lot of stff regarding the improvements that a separate power supplies could give to the system. I know that the first step to do is to desolder the R14 resistor on the DAC, to interrupt the power flow from the underlying RPI. Then the power should come soldering a male connector onto the P5 pins of the DAC.

Then I red a lot of things about linear PSU, etc. etc.

Supposing to buy one linear PSU, it's mandatory to have two outputs, with separate 5V (+ and GND) connector couples (pic1) ? 

Or could be enough to have only one 5V output from the PSU, and connect to it two couples of wires, the first one going towards the microUSB of the RPI, the second one going towards the P5 pins of the DAC (pic2) ? 

Sorry about that, but my knowledge in the electrical domain is very very poor...:-)

thanks in advance






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