First steps with Beocreate - Help needed


I purchased a Beocreate board this week. Now on the weekend I am trying to get it running for the purpose I have in mind. 

I would like to run the Beocreate with my Raspberry Pi3 (using picoreplayer for Squeezelite support) and add the CD-Player via optical toslink. Then the beocreate should output to my (passive) canton speakers. 

What did I do so far. I plugged the Raspberry to the Beocreate board and removed the Mute jumper. From the side where I have four speaker outs. Which two do I have to use for my speakers?

I powered it up and I got sound from both - cd and squeezelite but only to one speaker. 

And secondly, the sound is pretty silent and I cannot get the sound volume increased. I tried to increase volume in iPeng app but even at max the speaker was just whispering.

I did not use the Beocreate software or image because frankly, I have no clue of DSP profiles etc. So I wanted to avoid that. 

Please help me how to get it running as desired. 


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