DAC+ DSP: Build a stand-alone DAC



I want to built a stand-alone DAC using the DAC+ DSP board. I got a Behringer ECM-800 to measure the room response to use the DSP. The DAC shall be used at my work PC to change the outcoming toslink signal into a analogue signal which then continues to the amp.

Concerning this project I got a few questions:

-Can I operate the DAC DSP board without an Raspberry Pi it is attached on? Is it possible to attach a toslink output from the pc to out and to get the analogue DSP signal out by just supplying power to it?

-How to attach a power supply to the board?

-Will the board then be switched on, when the power supply is on, otherwise it is simply off?

-Can I attach it once to a Raspberry Pi, write the dsp .txt. file coming out from REW and then it will use these filter settings without the Raspberry?

-Would it be possible to create a multichannel solution? For example to run a small sourrung system to use two of these boards for the output? How to get multichannel over toslink divided to the different boards for front and rear?


So far these are the most pressing ones

Thank you very much



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