I'm very impressed with teh whole DSP/Sigmastudio concept and the things that can be done with it. However, I'm new to it and still on the learning curve. I understand REW and how to generate filter scripts for room correction and I can use the dsp toolkit to install these onto the DAC+ DSP. I'm now learning Sigmastudio and stalling a little. Unfortunately the Youtube vids don't have English audio tracks so I'm relying on visuals only. I have 3 things that I'm currently trying to get to grips with:


1) I want to bring the default DAC+ DSP DSP profile back into SigmaStudio so that I can play with it and understtand more. I have downloaded the XML file and I can read it in my text editor. BUT,how do I import this into SigmaStudio so that I can play with it?

2) Im remotely connected to my DAC DSP of using the TCPIP building block in SigmaStudio , works fine. Can I 'upload' a DSP profile thats stored in my DAC DSP back into SigmaStudio and if so how do I do it ?

3) I generated a room profile filter script in REW and by reading it in teh Editor I see it has 20 filters configured. The default profile however seems to only have 16 filters available so I cant load the 20 filter script. I edited the script manually down to 16 filters and I can upload to the DSP fine; a)  Why are there only 16 filters in the default profile and b)  how many could there be ? c) Can I upload the default profile into SigmaStudio in order to add more filters.


Apologies for lots of ?'s but I'm very excited to be using this product and intend to learn a lot about it. When I get to that point I'll have a go at a WiKi or two !






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