Save Sigma Studio settings correctly

Hey Everybody,

I ordered the beocreate board a few days ago and today I was finally able to try it.

Setting up with the BO software ran smoothly and thank you to the Beocreate team for the hardware and software.

Unfortunately it was not possible for me to save my own setting with the Sigma Studio software.

For this I used and adapted the 2-way eq setting offered from the beocreate team.

I just wanted to use a simple crossover, all over 80 Hz to the outputs CH1 and CH0 and below 80Hz to CH16 / 17.

Everything is saved as it is explained in the videos.
The problem is, that Beocreate now only makes a very quiet outcome on the CH1. On CH0 a "normal" loud and not crossover effected signal comes out.
CH16 is mute
and at CH17 comes out a soundlevel beyond good and evil.

The jumper 4 and 5 are removed on the board.

As a test I removed the selfboot jumper and re-saved everything which did not help.

My question:

How are the settings of Sigma Studio saved correctly?

I also followed this guide:

However, it is not quite clear to me how I have to deal with the selfboot jumper?

Does this have to be removed while working in Sigma?

thank you for your help


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