Sound RL6000?

Hello everybody,

As mentioned before, I am working on a RL6000.

I tested my speakers with their regular crossovers before I started, and they were OK. I would say 7, on a scale of 10 (comparing to my regular floorstanders), but not defect or something. 

Now I have one Beocreate board installed and working.

Selected the right profile in the online settings page. I do notice the difference if I select another profile, but I am not happy at all with the sound. 

I read people being amazed by the difference, but in my case it is the opposite.. I am VERY disappointed with the new sound. It's mono, of course, but for now it sounds more like a 5 (on a scale of 10). I cannot believe that this is the result others are talking about.. Way too much rumbling bass, little highs..

Is there a way to check if the right profile is actually active, or something else that could be wrong, any other setting? Wiring is ok, and all drivers are active..

(I'm just learning the Linux commands etc. Beginner, but know what Putty is :-))

Thanks in advance,




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