Yet another Amp2 - Mono Output thread

I know there are several posts on subject of getting a mono output for dotted about this forum but none seem to work for Amp2 or just dont make sense. 

I have built a wireless speaker out of an old Centre Speaker from a 5.1 system. I use Roon as well as Spotify and Qobuz via Raspotify and mpd/upmpdclli. all running via Dietpi os which is based on Stretch Raspbian

In Roon I have configured the output to be mono by using its inbuilt DSP which is great. But this won't work for the rest of my input sources. So is there a way to configure the output of the dac or the amp end of it to output a true mono signal not just the left or the right? I don't want to bridge the speaker outputs as this might cause damage to the amp as I believe its not in its designed to do this.

Anyone else managed this on the Amp2


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