Design of CX100 filters

I have been trying to figure out the filter implementation for the CX100 Beocreate, but there does not appear to be a “design” document of any sort. The original CX100 has a crossover at 2500Hz with 2nd order LC filter, with additional bass boost from 2nd woofer below 140Hz using simple 1st order LP. Has the Beocreate implementation simply tried to replicate this, or has it taken the opportunity to improve on the original design, which was very compromised (in my opinion).

The dsp.js file contains three filters, namely 2nd order Butterworth HP and LP, and one called “peak”, a 2nd order parametric filter, presumably used for equalisation.

The “beovox-cx100.xml” file presumably has the DSP filter implementations for the Beocreate board, but the contents of the file are largely just a bunch of what looks like filter coefficients.



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