Jack and RCA siwtch/jack need an amplification for earphone ?

Hello, I'm working on a portable raspberry with a recalbox distrib for making a portable game console.

I've three questions :
- I want to use speaker and jack. Only speaker (with an ampli circuit) when no jack insert and only jack when a jack in inserted. Does the sound is cut on rca output when a jack is inserted ? Or the sound always go outside from the both output (jack/rca) ?

- In the case of speaker, an amplification is require. Normal. But it isn't clear in the case of earphone. By headphone, do you talk only about the big headphone or does it include earphone. It's to know if I must amplify signal for earphone...

- Is the hardware volume is important ? I will use a recalbox distrib who contain alsamixer, and I want to know if it's better to use a Hifiberry DAC+ with hardware volume to avoid noise in jack/speaker or to choose Hifiberry DAC+ Zero to save space (very important) but without hardware volume. Do it change a lot with an ampli ?

Thanks !


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