I installed Raspbian and all upgrades.

I can use web browser and all initial apps.

I could change the audio card to Hifiberry Dac+ pro (ALSA), but the sound is still going through hdmi cable.

So I used the HIFIBERRY Installer :

- Openelec is installed, and I have the sound with the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro.

But : using Openelec is a problem : 

- If I "Quit" Openelec  I cannot return to my initial Raspbian : Web browser, etc...

- Screen stays dark and I cannot do anything.

I have read this Dark screen is a reported problem but all preconized solutions did not work for me.

Only solution I have is : 2 cards : one for Raspbian the other for Openelec.

I would like to be able to use both worlds : Raspbian and multimedia world (Openelec or any other multimedia solution).


Thanks for your help.


AL / France



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