No output from Digi+pro

I loaded Moode onto my Rpi and yesterday I was able to stream via the Digi+pro coax SPDIF to my DAC. Today however there is no output. I have also tried the optical output but this is the same.

I have connected an alternative coax SPDIF source to my DAC and this is fine.

In Moode there is an Audio info function and when I have a good internet radio source selected it shows this -

 Output Stream

Format:  32 bit, 44.1 kHz, Stereo

Rate 2.822 mbps


I  tried the stereo test option and still no output. The opto o/p led is illuminated but presumably is not being modulated. I have of course power cycled the RPi. 

Is there anywhere I could check for the SPDIF signal on the Digi+Pro board with a scope or can anyone suggest anything.

I bought the Pi and Digi+Pro a couple of months back from HiFiBerry.


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