Debugging: RasPi3 / DIGI+ / AVM DAC3 / AVM V3+M3

Good afternoon and my apologies upfront if there is something obvious that I did not see due to lack of experience.

I want to hook up my brand new RasPi3 with Digi+ card to my vintage AVM DAC3.

Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce any sound through DIGI+ yet.

So far I have tried Hifiberry Installer with OpenElec and have been able to select the ALSA output in Audio properties, so the drivers seem to have been configured correctly. The RasPi onboard sound through HDMI works.

I have tried both optical and coax input on my DAC but can't get it to recognize a signal. The cables and DAC do work with my DVD player as input source.

Still, I can see that there is a red light on the Digi+ optical connector.

Is there a general compatibility issue that is caused by my DAC being to old?

Thanks for advising.




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