Raspbian Image and Instructions

I hope this is not a problematic post at all.  Just trying to help.


I created a website with a download link to the latest Raspbian Jessie Lite with HiFiBerry DAC + configured and LogitechMediaServer (latest from today) and Squeezelite pre-installed and operational.


You the user, would only need to boot, find your IP address, create a my squeezebox.com account and then you'd have a full blown streaming device which can stream such items as Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, TuneIn Radio, Shoutcast, etc.


I'm just trying to make it easy is all.  



I just ordered a couple new items from HiFiBerry and in anticipation of another new DAC showing up I created an SD card and configured it without ever doing anything to Raspbian.  All I did was take Raspbian, and used the HiFiBerry Installer then installed Logitechmediaserver and squeezelite.  It all starts at boot. 


The address of my blog page is at http://www.hagensieker.com/blog/page/?post_id=37&title=raspberry-pi-audio---how-to-get-started-easily


If something in my directions is fouled up or not intuitive let me know and I'll change it. 


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