DAC+ Pro: Volume going up too high

Hello, everyone,

I just installed my new HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro on my RasPi 3. Everything's working fine, so far, and I'm using it as an AirPlay receiver with Shairport sync. There is, however, one problem:

The volume is ranging from way down (which is okay) to way too loud. About half way up the volume slider, it becomes too loud to be usable. I would, therefore, like to limit volume range from the current low end to about 60% of the current maximum. That would allow for more granular control of the current volume.

I tried achieving that in alsamixer but have not yet found a way to do it. While I can se the current volume there, I cannot set a limit and when I change the volume on my music source device (iOS device or MacBook), the alsa setting gets overturned immediately. I also tried creating a softvol-pre-amp but have not managed to get that working (I'm a bit of a newbie with programming, so I may have overlooked something there).

Any ideas?




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