RP3 & Amp+ No Audio Output

I am new to the Raspberry Pi world so I'm a little behind on the uptake. I have just gotten a Raspberry Pi 3 and a HiFiBerry Amp+. I have married the two and have configured the /boot/config.txt file. I am powering the system with a 12v 2.54 amp power supply. I can use the Pi audio jack and run mp3 files with aplay and OMXPlayer and get audio output. When I connect the audio outputs from the Amp+ to a pair of Bose' 8 ohm speakers using 18 gauge audio cable I get nothing. This is the first step of a multi-step project. Eventually I want to use this assemblage to play streaming audio from an online service. I also want to use a PBX system to create a two way VOIP intercom setup.

I have a friend who owns coin laundries that we want to put this system in to provide music. If my idea works he will be able to click an icon on his desktop. that will interrupt the streaming audio and be able to speak with the customers via the intercom using an omnidirectional microphone.

But until I get audio from the Amp+ to the speakers the project is stalled.    

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