phone 6 hifiberry bluetooth volume control

Hi ok i will explane my setup:

iphone 6 streams audio to raspberry pi 3 true bluetooth

pulseaudio/asla  for audio play HifiberryAMP+ to speakers


Ok cool I can play audio yeah me happy i can control audio volume with raspbarry set mixer 50%  volume gos down ok cool.

Now pushing iphone volume Button up down nothing happens Why is that do i need to write an script for that to work ?

What i am trying to create is an home made boombox

Connect iphone with bluetooth to rarpb/hiffiberryAMP+  and control volume with the phone volume up/down buttons. (And not with an website control)

When thats working i can implement an hardware volume control(for controlling master volume to max setting)

If thats not possible please let me know than i can focus on something else :(

PS im not an hardcore programmer


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