Amp+ - Has it died?

I'm not sure, but i think my AMP+ might have jumped the shark. 


When its connected to a raspberry pi, the Pi refuses to boot. you will see some of the initial boot screens, test output scrolling down the screen, then the screen goes blank, the monitor warns about power saving mode and nothing else happens.

take the Amp+ off, the pi will boot fine. 

this is with latest version of volumio and a brand new pi3, which ive booted with raspbian fine. 

I can also get exactly the same symptoms using an older build of moode. If i swap back to the pi 2 B model which has previously worked fine, then i get much the same issue. 

I know the pi is powering up, the Red LED comes on and it starts the boot process but it is dropping out after about 10 seconds.

will it damage the pi if i power it by usb as well as by the gpio from the AMP+?

any other suggestions from you guys to help me work out exactly what is wrong?


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