HiFiBerry released new amplifier for RPi Zero - MiniAmp:

Some time ago I created microPeppy project - portable radio:
based on RPi Zero:

For that project I used separate DAC and amplifier. Initially
the amplifier was powered from RPi power line and I found that
in this case the audio output from amp was very noisy. I'm just
wondering if MiniAmp has any audible noise as it's powered from
RPi as well. To kill that noise I used isolated power chips:

Another question - do you supply 40-pin connector with MiniAmp?
From the description it follows that connector is not connected
but it's not clear if you supply it or not. As I need to connect
LCD to amp I would need connector with long pins the same as in
your Amp+.

MiniAmp is very good candidate for portable radio when you don't
need to connect any hard drives/flash memory cards to your player.
It should be also great for portable streaming clients.

Thanks in advance!


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