Questions about RPi 2 to RCA receiver using DAC+

Hello guys.

I am really interested in the DAC+ product of yours, because I think it could solve a big problem for me. So here it is:

I am using a RPi 2 with Openelec/Kodi to playback my movie collection. What I need is a way to output good stereo audio to RCA and your DAC+ seems to be the perfect solution. I have a few questions though:

1. How difficult is it to set up the Pi 2 with the DAC+ and Openelec/Kodi so that the output of the movie audio goes through the DAC to the receiver? I found this lying around: https://www.hifiberry.com/blog/openelec-for-hifiberry/ but I don't know how old the post is is or if something has changed.

2. Currently, I control the Pi with the TV's remote. I am wondering what kind of control can I have for the volume from the remote?

3. Right now, in the Kodi settings, I can choose to send audio to analog, HDMI, or HDMI + analog. Will this option be available as soon as the DAC+ gets installed?

4. As I understand, the DAC+ needs its own power source, right?


Sorry for asking so many questions. I just needs to have things clearly in my mind.

Thanks in advance!


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