Yet another External PSU question

I want to build a cased PSU + Pi 3/Dac+ Pro box for my hifi;

Initially (because it's easier) I will simply supply the Pi 3 with the 5v x 2.5 A it needs.

However, I would like scope to later use an external (highly) regulated PSU for the analogue section of the Dac+ Pro, but I am not sure wether the analogue section needs 3.3v or 5v;

This page:


says you can power the 5V part of the circuit and the 3.3V part of the circuit from an external power supply

This other page:


says You need to de-solder the resistor R14 and connect your external 5V power supply to the pin header P3

So - does the PSU for the analogue section need to supply 5v or 3.3v please?

and (while I'm asking) what are the current requirments here; some prectision regulator circuits are quite low current, so this could be factor.



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