Recommended Settings for OSMC

What are the recommended settings for OSMC to get the most out of the DAC+Pro?  I finally got it working yesterday with the 8/2 image direct from them but the volume seems a bit low, and some tracks 'stuttered' or 'paused' a bit, but it went away after a time.

Here are my settings.  Can you guys please comment on any changes you'd recommend to get the most from the system?

  • Number of channels: 2
  • Output config: Fixed
  • Limit Sampling Rate: 192
  • Stereo Upmix: Off
  • Maintain Original Volume on Downmix: On
  • Resample Quality: Medium
  • Enable DSP: Off
  • Volume Adjustments: Use Album Levels

The settings I'm wondering about are the sampling rate (which I changed to be 192 from the default lower setting) and 'volume adjustment' which might be better set to 'off'.  Regarding the 'stutter', it could be just network traffic as the music catalog downloaded, but thought I'd check to be sure.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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