connecting a control panel/LCD screen on the same board as the DAC+

Hi everyone before making the big step(first RPi+Hifiberry DAC project)i wish to know if any of you has succeeded in connecting an lcd screen to use as UI together with the afore mentionned DAC as most LCDs(not all) use the GPIO socket.This one here:   https://www.amazon.fr/screen-Display-Module-Kuman-Raspberry-pi/dp/B01CNLYL1C/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=A32A9PQZI4U6P4     uses the 26 pins display socket,but for practical reasons we need a ribbon to connect it(emplacement taken by the DAC board).The real question is:how will it interoperate with the DAC?If one of you has the answer,thanks.

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