Varying output quality from RPi 3 / Digi+ as Roon endpoint

I have recently purchased a RPi3 w Digi+ to isolate my PC from my DAC. I use the RPi as a Roon endpoint in the same room as my PC (both connected to the same ethernet). The RPi is connected to the DAC via coax (or optical with same results).

My DAC is a Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby) which has a reclocking circuit called Adapticlock. Adapticlock automatically emplys one of two methods for reclocking the signal depending on the quality it receives. As I'm listening to the music via the RPi I can hear regular shifts in the soundstage that must be a result of the Adapticlock circuit switching processing modes as it happens on all tracks and stops happening when I switch to USB direct from the PC. This means that the signal quality from the SPDIF outputs (optical & coax) are being reduced from time-to-time.

When the signal is at its best, the sound from the RPi/Digi+/Gumby combo is sublime, but the changes I keep hearing in the sound are very distracting. Can anyone provide any suggestions I could try to better maintain a consistent level of quality from the RPi? I can't work out how to isolate if it's bandwidth in the network stuffing up the incoming signal or if it's varying demands on the RPi/Digi+ processors causing the problem.


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