Rpi3 + dac+ pro... Which partner setup?

Hello guys


I'm about to buy me a rpi3 with the dac+ pro. Now I need to know what amp and speakers i should buy

- i'm nowhere near an audiophile, its my first step into this...

- I want to use the setup for hd music files mainly. but also for movies (doesnt need to be with 5.1 sound) and maybe some retrogaming.

- it has to be cheap and simple to configure

I read about the Dayton audio apa100 amp, paired with the Dayton b652 air speakers and the sub-800 subwoofer.


Would this be doable with the dac+ pro? 

Would this amp still be able to handle files at 24/192khz from the dac+ pro?


Sorry for the many questions. thx a lot guys


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