Hifi Digi+ No Sound Through HDMI

Hello everybody,

I'm working a few days on this issue and had reset my sd-card nearly more than 5 times.

I want to use RetroPie and Kodi (OpenElec or something in this manner) in combination with the Digi+ Soundcard.

My hardware setup goes as follows:

Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspbian light) --(HDMI) --> Sony AV Receiver ---(HDMI) --> Samsung TV


The problem goes as follows:

I installed the Raspbian and also the Raspbian Light from the Hifiberry-Installer to get the right SD-card image with the fitting Digi+ drivers. 

The sound comes instantly but only from the Optical port. If I try to change the settings to HDMI like for example through:

sudo raspi-config

I'm only receiving an error message which implies there is an error if I try to force HDMI. I was looking deep into the /boot/config.txt and tried every possibility to enable the HDMI output. Like: 




Last but not least I've also used 

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade


sudo rpi-update

but nothing changed at all. 

At last I've tried to change the mixer Settings but every time I've tried to change it it told me there is no simple Control with the name ('Tx Source', 'Master', 'PCM', 'AIF' etc.)


The strange thing is, if I use the default ALSA sound driver I can use HDMI, but I want to use the HifiDigi+ soundcard. : (

Does somebody has an idea whats going wrong or what am I missing?


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