AMP -> Hi-Low Converter -> AUX in Stereo


I'm thinking about connecting the AMP+ to my stereo using a Hi-Low Converter.

  • Are there any disadvantages in doing this (e.g. loss of sound quality)?
  • Do I need to take anything else into account besides the max input of the converter? (From the amp datasheet I'm guessing >25W will suffice?)
  • Would a Hi-Low Converter like this one: ebay.de/... do the job?


Why would I want  to do this?

  • I ordered a DAC+ at a large reseller but got the AMP instead. If there is no drawback in converting the amp output using a high-low converter, I'd like to keep the amp and connect it to my stereo like described above.
  • If it's not advised to do so, I'll return the amp and get a DAC+ instead.

Thanks for your advice!

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