Clarification on Hifiberry Alsaeq guide

I have just got going with the latest Volumio, Hifiberry AMP+ and a Raspberry Pi 3 with WiFi.

I want to add a software equalizer to my setup. Hifiberry's official Alsaeq guide on https://www.hifiberry.com/guides/guide-adding-equalization-using-alsaeq/ looks promising but there are some things that I want to have clarified, as I couldn't hear any difference to the sound:

  1. Where is the asound.conf file in Step 4 supposed to be? In what directory?  
  2. If applicable, are the lines in Step 4 supposed to replace an existing asound.conf or to be appended?
  3. Are the lines type hw card 0 and slave.pcm "plughw:0,0"; correct for all Volumio installations? Can the 0 values sometimes be other values? 
  4. Does the system need to be rebooted somewhere along the process? 
  5. Does changes to the equalizer affect the system real-time?

Thanks for your assistance.

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