Network streamer based on RPi3, Digi+ and RuneAudio

Hi there! This is my project. It looks pretty far from OK now but i've ordered nice aluminium enclosure to hide all this bloody mess. Can't wait! ;)

I've modded Digi+ a little as you can see. Soldered PCB terminal to P3, to feed the setup with power thru the Digi via Linear PSU. Most of the people did the same thing  here. 

Linear PSU was made with Schaffer FN9222 EMI filter, toroidal transformer 30VA/2x07V and Linear regulated PSU module with two DC lines that i bought from Audiophonics. Now i have a vacant second line to make something else. Any  thoughts?

I also installed 1602 lcd with i2c that shows data from MPD.  It runs on python. Here is the link with useful info. There are many tricky things and you should  dive deeper in this stuff to beat it, but this is not a big deal at all. http://www.runeaudio.com/forum/lcd-display-and-buttons-in-python-tutorial-and-code-t1191.html 



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