DiGi+ / Rpi 1 B+ / OpenElec : No sound at all

Hi Everybody

I just received a DiGi+ card for installing it on my Raspberry Pi B+, and use it with Openelec 6.0.3. I've followed the process for installing it and it works fine, the device is correctly detected on Openelec and i can select it.

I don't know why but i have no sound at all through the toslink output, and i've also tried the coax i have the same behaviour. If i'm switching the output to PI:HMDI, sound is coming back directly on my TV, but with the DiGi+ selected, my amplifier stays quiet no interface click sounds, no sound in stereo or multichannels...

Here's all the tests i've done :

- Switching to another toslink cable from my PS3 (works fine on my PS3, not on the Pi)
- Testing with the coax of my dvd player (works fine on my DVD, not on the Pi)
- Restarting from a fresh complete new openelec/kodi install
- Using your Test Image, and i have the sound on my AVR (so i assume that if i can hear the sound, it means that the card is perfectly working)

The green led is up, but i noticed a weird thing, when the RBP is off with power plugged, i can see the red laser color into the toslink blank cache, as soon as i'm turning the RBP on, no laser at all, even when i'm trying to read a movie, or if i'm navigating in Kodi's interface.

I probably missed something somewhere, but i didn't found any similar case on HiFiberry and Openelec forum.

Any clue that can help me?

Thanks in advance


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