Under-voltage warning with single External HDD attached - Normal? Options?

Hi - Brand new and pretty happy AMP+ owner

I have it running on a Pi3  with the suggested power supply, and openelec.

Everything was running fine streaming music off my nas but i wanted to make it a an independent system and hooked up and old external HDD with some music on it.

While setting it up i noticed the rainbow Under-voltage warning indicator on the screen while the system accessed the HDD, so far it has not seemed to affect much but it was very slow to scan the music off the drive and i think once i head something turn off and back on again. A faint click. (HDD perhaps, the display/scan never stopped)


Is this normal?
What are my options? - Is it possible to avoid a powered hub and still use a HDD?
If only need around 200-300gb max storage would a large flash drive be a good option?


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