Pi2 - DAC+ Pro - USB WiFi - Volumio 1.55 - 24Bits/96k = skipping ?

I am new to Pi and DAC.

My system :

- Raspberry Pi 2
- HiFiberry DAC+ Pro
- USB WiFi dongle
- NAS through SAMBA

What I have done :

- Installed Volumio 1.55 using HiFiberry installer.
- Plug-in the LAN cable and Power on.
- Get into the Volumio UI and set the 'I2S DAC' as 'Hifiberry +'.
- Setup the WiFi connection in the 'Network' option.
- Connect the NAS in the 'Library' option.
- Power off and unplug the LAN cable.


- When playing the 24bits/96k FLAC music, serious skipping and stuttering occur.

I then updated the kernel by :

sudo rpi-update

This does have improvement, but there is still about 1 second random silence per song, on average.

P.S. I have no problem with 16bits/44k FLAC music.

Would you please help ? Many many thanks !


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