Digi+ and Odroid C2

I am thinking of buying an Odroid C2 to replace my RPi2. Reason for this is that Odroid C2 supports HEVC (H.265) hardware decoding while RPI2 and 3 do not.

Will a Digi+ board connect to an Odroid C2? Physically an Odroid C2 uses the same type of GPIO connector (not sure about the pin lay-out). If it doesn't are you working on a compatible Digi+ board?

I know there is already another discussion on this community https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/201496512-Digi-for-Odroid-?input_string=Digi%2B%20and%20Odroid%20C2

and I am happy with my RPi2 for audio purposes (using USB DAC by the way) but for movies I need more power and hardware decoding and larger ethernet bandwidth (1 Gbps) which Raspberry can't provide unfortunately.


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