Noob here, please help me not to loose too much time with my requirements.

Hi all, noob here and would really appreciate some pointers so I don´t loose too much time setting up.

My setup today is (I think) simple:  NAS --> Windows10 --> Cambridge Audio DAC (through usb) --> 2A3 tube amplifier --> Klipsch Reference speakers.

I used to be a very happy listener with a Sonos setup which was even simpler : NAS --> Sonos --> 2A3 tube amplifier --> Klipsch Reference speakers.

Then I moved to a new house and the room acoustics are TERRIBLE. So I started to look for an equalizer. Long story short Sonos does not allow for EQ and I did not want to spend $$$ in yet another box.  I had a spare laptop and discovered a solution by using a software to "listen to the room" and propose EQ settings and another piece of software that allowed me to setup the EQ.  After these settings the sound is very good.

But I miss a lot the simplicity and easy of use of Sonos.

So I have decided to give HiFiBerry DAC+ a try.

My idea for a setup will be : NAS --> Headless Raspberry Pi 3 model B v 1.2 with HIFIberry DAC+ --> 2A3 tube amplifier --> Klipsch Reference speakers.

The idea is to manage the Rasp through Android/Iphone, the Rasp will be "on" all the time.

So I guess my requirements would be:

1.- Sound Quality, my equipment is very revealing and I don´t want to loose that, this is "the" top requirement even if it means loosing easy of use.

2.- Being able to equalize, ideally expressing amplitude, freq and bandwith.

3.- Being able to select music to be played through an Android/Iphone app.

I tend to think these requirements are similar for many and would like to ask for your guidance, to me the amount of choices (software wise) is pretty overwhelming and I am not looking forward to spending hours in trying all combinations.

As many of the threads tend to get off topic I kindly ask for pointers only to the few of you that have a WORKING setup similar to mine and similar requirements.  What software setup you chose and what guides you followed.


Many Thanks to all,



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