PeppyMeter (software VU meter)

I've just finished the program which I use together with HiFiBerry Amp+ that's why I thought that maybe it will be also interesting for anybody else on this site.

PeppyMeter is a software VU Meter written in Python. It was originally developed as the new 'VU Meter' screensaver for Peppy Player (https://github.com/project-owner/Peppy.doc/wiki). With minor modifications it became a stand-alone application. PeppyMeter gets audio data from media players (e.g. mpd) via fifo and displays current volume level in a Graphical User Interface in a form of traditional VU Meter.

Here are the key features of the program:

  • Written in Python.
  • Pygame library leveraged for UI purposes.
  • Fixed resolution 480x320 pixels.
  • Can work with any media player which is capable to output PCM signal to the fifo/named pipe.
  • Supplies 9 default meters out of the box.
  • Allows to add your own meters.
  • Open-source. All source files are available on Github.
  • Provides different algorithms for processing PCM data.
  • Several data sources are available for testing and tuning.

All details including source files can be found on project's wiki:




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