How to drive 5.1 speakers for HDMI devices via DAC?

Hi All

New here, so if this is a duplicate, beat me ... :-)

I have

* a set of passive speakers as leftover from an old 5.1 system which burned away.

* a tv receiver

* a DVD

* a beamer

the latter three all provide a HDMI interface.


How would I go about serving those 5+1 speakers wireless using HiFiBerry DAC/Amp devices to be able to listen to the sound of all three sources as listed above.

My idea is to have one RPi/DAC/Amp per speaker and one RPi as server. Is it just as simple as this?

I am unsure about the concept, the necessary components. Knowing which to use I am pretty sure I have enough background to get things going.

Thanks and cheers



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