Max mAs from 5V of DIGI+

Hello everyone. Italian user here.

I'm willing to place in my car this configuration RPi3+Official Touchscreen+DIGI++SSD+LED Buttons...for now I only own the SSD and the DIGI+.

I don't want to risk any damage to the boards so the question refers to the power provided to the LEDs of these kind of buttons http://bit.ly/1VgODC0 through one of the 2 5V pins.

I'll get 3 buttons, amber, green and white, probably 1.8V or maybe 3V, I still don't know. Plus a fourth LED button.

I intend to add a 40pin male header to the DIGI+ so I can use a 2pin connector (just like those for PCs) for pin 4 and 6, which give me 5V and GND, plus the free GPIO for button functions (reset, power off, display off).

So the basic idea is 5V --> LEDs (parallel) --> Resistors --> GND

I know that the 5V pin can give me max 300mA which should be enough for my 4 LEDs.

Now the question is...can I use the "bypassed" pins 4,6 of the 40pins header on the DIGI+ to get my leds working, without any risk? I don't really know how many mAs the DIGI+ drains from 5V pin.


Thanks to anyone willing to help me



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