Using ameter (VU meter) to show output levels

I have been using this VU meter program http://laugeo.free.fr/ameter.html to show the output from media players.

with vlc   "vlc --alsa-audio-device=ameter sound.wav"

or with aplay   "aplay -D ameter sound.wav"

or with mplayer  "mplayer -ao alsa:device=ameter sound.wav"

ameter works fine on an external usb sound card, but when I try to use ameter on the "HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro" it simply doesn't want to work. 

Here is a pre-complied version of ameter, compiled on "raspbian wheezy"




Create the /home/pi/.asoundrc file as follows,

pcm_scope.ameter {

type ameter


pcm_scope_type.ameter {

lib /usr/lib/libameter.so


pcm.ameter {

type meter

slave.pcm 'hw:0,0' #can be hw or hw:0,1 etc...

scopes.0 ameter


pcm.dsp0 ameter


 This works fine on an external usb sound card, just not the "HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro"

It could be possible there is a conflict between the "/etc/asound.conf" and the "/home/pi/.asoundrc" file.

Does anyone know how to write/modify the ".asoundrc" file so that ameter works on the "HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro"?


Kind Regards

Nityesh Schnaderbeck


PS, on another subject: if you are have trouble playing MP3s with VLC using the "HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro"

Run VLC with:  "vlc --aout alsa --alsa-audio-device=hw:0,0"  and it will play MP3s.

Make a script

exec /usr/bin/vlc --aout alsa --alsa-audio-device=hw:0,0 "$@"


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