Amp+ no output on right channel

I installed the latest version of Volumio (1.55) and got the problem with the no hardware volume control - fixed with adding the following in the mpd.conf:

audio_output {

                 type           "alsa"
                 name           "Output"
                 device         "hw:0,0"
                 mixer_type     "hardware"      
                 mixer_device   "default"
                 mixer_control  "Master"
                 dop    "no"


I could only get sound out of the left channel.  I swapped the speakers to make sure that the problem was not cause by bad ones.  The wires were also swapped.

I tried with Raspbian and also got sound on the left channel only.

All the above were installed using the 'HifiBerry Installer'.  I even tried to install them without the installer but same result.

This is very frustrating since there seem to be problem with the DAC as far as no sound in one channel but not with the Amp+.  It is now an 89$ paperweight!

I searched everywhere for a solution to no avail... I'm afraid it's defective - hardware problem.

Please advise,



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