HiFiBerry DAC+ with Jessie

Hi all,

this is my configuration:

  • PI2B+ with DAC+
  • raspbian  
  • tube pre-amp and M-Audio monitor.

Last week I downloaded Jessie using HiFiBerry installer. 

As the precedent version: Wheezy, the new Jessie is yet configured for my DAC+. In fact when i boot my PI i can see the green light on the DAC+.

However when i listen music the quality of the sound is very bad!!

I checked that using the same audio file!

On Jessie I'm using the last version of VLC while on Wheezy previuos version of VLC. May be is this ?

Are there others parameters to configure?

If i don't find a solution I go back to the old Wheezy.

Any help is apprecaied











for my DAC+ sound card.


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